Help with sonos connect

Hearing a good amount jitter coming through sonos connect, which is running though a 1st generation dac-it, by peachtree audio. Visited my local shop today, they stated the new dac-it x would improve sound due to asynchronous chip or set up or modification of sorts?

Curious what other dacs could improve sonos? Does the Wyred4sound mod eliminate the need for an external dac, or does it just clean up the signal that is being sent to dac?

And if there is a better dac out there to receive the clearer signal for sonos listening, I'm all ears.

Don't know a lot about this stuff, but trying to learn. New world for me.
A new DAC is not the way to improve Sonos. A reclocker like the Synchro-Mesh in between the Sonos and the DAC is the ticket:

Customer reviews:

If you add the Dynamo power supply and the BNC-BNC cable, you will have a reference digital source.

Steve N.
Empirical Audio
Thanks for advice. Is this similar to the sonos mod people reference on the forum? Believe wyred4sound offers a similar reclocking application?

Sorry, not technically savvy. Would appreciate understanding differences.

Now if I added a reclocker and upgraded my DAC, could I tell much of a difference than if I added reclocker and kept existing DAC?

Kernalsanders, I have had a sonos connect for about a year now. I tried a Arcam, Peachtree and Rega Dac and decided on the the Rega. I found it to be the biggest improvement of the three. I started using a Audioquest VSD-1 digital cable, because it was what I had at the time. I never noticed any issues, but as we audio-folk are always wanting to try something new, I recently purchased a Kimber AGDL and feel it has helped reduce some brightness I would experience from time to time. If you will research a thread I started, you will notice one great similarity between your and my responses. My suggestion is try a few different Dacs and also I would check you internet connection. I will point out I have mine on a wired connection not wired. But I have never heard any jitter.
Theo - you have definitely heard jitter. You just don't know what it sounds like until its eliminated. All of the industry experts agree that jitter is the #1 problem with digital.

Trying to fix jitter by changing DACs is like trying to fix a flat tire by moving people to different seats in the car. Its a waste of time and money and will never get you there.

Steve N.
Empirical Audio
Steve- what is the difference between the Sonos re clock mod and what you are selling?

And I do not understand the reasoning behind the Dac comments. Are you stating DAC's are necessary? Or the quality is irrelevant and any Dac will do after a reclock?

I would like to hear the differences between set ups that are being suggested. Are there any shops in NC or in the South East that have this product?

Appreciate the help.
"what is the difference between the Sonos re clock mod and what you are selling?"

Modding the Sonos will certainly improve things, particularly if you replace the clock and the clock power supply. I used to mod more than 40 different products from 1990-2009. Many are still in use. However, if I though that modding the Sonos was the right approach, I would be doing that, but its not.

The low jitter that you can achieve with an external reclocker with a custom power supply is jut not achievable with mods. Mods have the disadvantage of using the existing infrastructure, boards and power supplies and even the same power outlet. You are faced with too many compromises. Doing the master clock in a separate reclocker has no compromises. The designer has complete control over everything. Putting the clock in the reclocker like the Synchro-Mesh on a separate AC outlet is even a big win for performance.

There is very little risk in trying a Synchro-Mesh anyway. You can get all of your money back, less shipping if it does not knock your socks off. Try to get your money back on a mod. I don't think so....

We sell direct only, to minimize the cost to customers.

Its not that ANY DAC will do, but most DACs will sound wonderful with a low-jitter input. DACs are a personal taste thing, and a system thing. Every system has its quirks, so matching a DAC to the system is sometimes in order. If your system sounds a bit harsh, then maybe a tube DAC is best etc.. Its also a matter of budget and expectations. If your budget is low, then maybe a Concero for $700 is the ticket. If you are a perfectionist and want to get as close to vinyl as possible, then maybe a $20K dCS. Every one of these needs a low jitter digital source to sound best.

Steve N.
Empirical Audio
Ok and thanks for feedback. I have a pretty cheap set up. Dac-it, rotel ra-1520 integrated, CM1's, and sonos connect. 1st hifi set up. Saved up off it and bought it with cash.

Having a hard time justifying spending almost cost of amp for a clock or sonos upgrade. Not trying to diminish the value of products listed or compare it to lower cost solution, I just don't want to buy a tie that is more expensive than the suit. Unless it's worth it....or if the tie is more important, might be helpful to I can readjust my expectations.

Anyone else had experience on any other reclockers? Lower cost scenarios with sonos? Seems that my dac isn't the issue.

Monarchy DIP classic? Thoughts on this product? Seems price of admission is in line with the above set up?
The problem is that the digital source quality is more important than DAC or preamp or amps. You can use a Sonos and drive a $150K system and it will still sound mediocre, like stereo, not music.

The source is exactly where you should put your money in a digital system. At least then you have a good signal to work with and lesser components will still sound decent. At least then you have a chance of achieving a system that is non-fatiguing and fun to listen to.

Steve N.
Empirical Audio
Bought the DIP upsampler as a less expensive option. Immediately noticed a deeper sound stage and more responsive bass, which I guess is attributed to the cleaner signal the two clocks have cleaned up. Never really understood term "depth" till now.

I have a pure digital system and must say I am impressed this little modification made such a difference. Or perhaps the dac is finally working with a decent signal to do its thing.

Now I am interested in hearing from folks who went from the DIP upsampler to the syncromesh. And what were your experiences?

My point is if this 200 investment made this kind of impact, what can I expect from the wyred or emperical option? And will it be significant or nominal?
Kernalsanders79, I had A Monarchy DIP and I can tell you that the Synchromesh is in another league. It's that good. I couldn't afford the Hynes power supply, but I am using a Teddy Pardo PS with great results. Even with its own PS, the Synchrosmesh is amazing. And there's no risk in trying it out.
I no longer listen to the stereo--I listen to the music.
Im another satisfied Synchro Mesh user, this is a no brainer. the Sonos was lifeless until I added this device