Help with solving this dilemma

Hi All,

I need your help with suggestions on combining my home theater and 2 channel systems into one. The room is 18'L X 14' W and 8' ceilings. Room has been treated.

I currently have two systems:

2 Channel

Clayton S40 amp
AI Modlus L1 tube preamp
Just sold 2 channel speakers - Lookng at Reimer Wind River GS speakers

5 Channel
Yamaha RXV 2200- Currently on audition.
Mission speakers
Velodyne sub
Pioneer DVD player 444 modded used for both systems.

I would like to go with either a seperate proc/amp for home theater under 2K or use the Yamaha as a pre with a 5 channel amp.

I would like to keep the Clayton amp for the mains if possible for 2 channel listening.

The Mission speakers will be replaced down the line as I plan to take full advantage of DVD audio and SACD.

I listen to music 40% of the time and 60% home theater.

What are my options used that you can recommend?
You can keep the Clayton and the tube pre in your system if you want to, If you go with the Yamaha you can use its amps for center and rears and if you go with a pre/pro you will need to add some amps. Can't really help until you make up your mind on that part. Most people with good two channel system go through this same thing when they combine HT and music. I use krell ksa-250 for front L+R channels and bent audio passive pre mixed in with sunfire theatergrand pre/pro and a couple of other amps, also have multichannel sacd and Dvd-audio players.
Thanks Sogood51 for the suggestions. My ultimate goal is to combine both systems into one with minimal degradation of the two channel sound. I know that putting a TV between your speakers is not the best thing to do but I have no choice. I have being looking at a Sunfire pre along with Parasound and Aragon. I want to make sure that the unit I select is compatible with SACD/DVD multichannel. If I like the Reimer speakers I will eventually get all Reimers.