Help with Shortlist of Speakers! (SF vs Devore vs Others?)

Hey everyone,

First time post but long time lurker. I've been aggressively researching and listening to speakers over the past several months and I could use some help with more experienced folks (who are not trying to sell me a product). Here are pictures of my space and dimensions. Essentially 22'X12'x11' but with an open concept into the kitchen and a hallway. A decent size space but the listening distance to speakers is relatively close. Right now I'm using a cambridge audio Azur 651w (amp) and Azur 851N (preamp/dac/streamer). I plan to upgrade the amp in the future so if the sound could be improved but is still enjoyable today I am OK with that.,,

So far I know I like a warm speaker with a visceral bass. I like to feel the music and have a very large soundstage. I do not like when the speaker is too bright or thin. The Sonus Faber Olympicas II/III and Devore Fidelity Orangutan 93/96 have caught my attention. A gentleman at the speaker shop recommended the Audio Physic Avanti but I have yet to try them out.

Given my space, what would you all recommend in terms of size? I'm torn between the SF II & III and the O/93 & O/96. I was scared off by a salesman at one of the audio shops here in San Francisco who said the Dynaudio Countour 30i (which I also liked) would be way too big for my space and really drove home the fact a bigger speaker would overpower the room. 

Anyways, would love to hear your thoughts on this and if you have any other speaker recommendations that come to mind for <$15K.


If you are thinking Larson, and Duke’s assumptions about your room and seating placement and soundstage are correct, maybe look at Ohm Walsh talls.  I haven’t considered other speakers since I picked up original Ohm Walsh 4s many years ago.  A cross over is on the way out, so I ordered the 4-5000 upgrade.
While I like the new line of Sonus Faber the Olympica III is not a dark speaker, it is pretty neutral. It is a hair ripe at 100-200hz and a hint shelved down at 2k. I actually feel it is a little tipped up past 10k. Nice speaker. But you might not like as dark of a  sound as you think. 

Look at the YouTube video’s for Fleetwood Audio Deville’s. Not very well known, but impressive sound quality, very efficient and unique with regards to craftsmanship and build quality. http://https//

I’ve owned Harbeth M-40.1’s on and off for 8 years. They are warm, very full bodied and organic. I currently own Harbeth 40.2 Anni’s, which are more dynamic and transparent than the 40.1’s but not as full bodied or organic, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing... just different. Both great speakers in my biased opinion. These speakers do like to be pulled out 36" or so from the wall... so keep that in mind.

I also like @larryi Audio Note suggestion, especially with regards to their ability to be placed close to the front wall.
You will always hear the story too big for your space a lot but in fact a big speaker does not have to work as hard as a little one so they will sound much less strained in volume and in the bass range than a small speaker so i say buy the speaker you like in your room with your music and your ears. By the way you should try and listen to some pre 1981 vintage american speakers they will give you that natural tone and extended bass you are looking for and for a lot less money.
Again thanks for all the speaker recs everyone. I'm taking note and researching.

A few have mentioned the SS amp pairing with the Orangutans and I should mentioned I auditioned both the SF and the Devores using my amp. I was impressed with both even still. In both cases I'm sure they will sound much better with an upgrade in that department. We paired the SF with a Luxman integrated amp for example and I could hear the difference in bass response and depth of soundstage.

@lowrider57  My listening distance is about 8-9' feet so should be alright

@james633 You might be right. I guess I heard the SF Sonetto first compared to a Paradigm equivalent and by comparison the SF was much warmer. I've read that the Olympica might actually be more neutral than the Sonetto so maybe I'm just taking my bias with me as I explore up the SF line. 

I have to say, I'm into cars, watches and all kinds of stuff but this forum is by far the most helpful and thorough I've come across in any hobby!