Help with short list of intergrateds and phono stage

It seems it comes down to the Allnic T2000 30th anniversary along with the Allnic 5500 phonostage vs a Luxman 590AXII with the EQ500 phonostage.

I did own an Allnic L5000 preamp at one point and enjoyed it. I would say it's character added and subtracted little from the music source.

I don't remember ever hearing these components in shows and now with difficulties traveling, I ask this forum.

My speakers are 97db efficient open baffle design with built-in powered subwoofers.

What I've been missing it seems for years not having tube components (other than my Rogue Audio Area Magnum) is depth and layering although with my newly acquired open baffles, I'm approaching that with SS components.

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Great position to be in-choice between 2 good brands.

I'm in the all tube camp-Allnic.

For aesthetic, I like the Luxman -classic, timeless look .You'll  possibly  will miss that last bit of tube personality?

Just to make sure, get both and switch off weekly.

Try absorbing the back wave of OBs with two comforters / blankets to find out if the depth improves.

It may be necessary to reposition the L-R speakers.

 The choice of Pre / Phono should be fun / easy choice as a matter of preference ( I think I would try the Allnic ).

Might want to take a look at Octave integrateds as well.  Happy hunting!

In response to room treatment, I've had GIK room treatments on order for months now. I currently have 2ea 2 X 4 panels in place but looking to dial in the room much further knowing that the room is at least 51% of your sound enjoyment.

Not a lot of press on the Allnic, especially the T2000 30th. I like the ability to choose between triode and pentode mode. But then I like the flexibility of the Luxman.

Get both? If only I had the luxury. I'm already beyond spoiled just considering this equipment. 

Maybe it's the tube personality I'm missing. Tubes have been a mixed bag for me. I'm always wondering if a tube is going bad. 

Tube gear should optionally come with tube testing gear ;) Apparently the Allnic is very easy on tubes. 

And still, the best sounding amp (mono's) I've owned were the Joule Electra VZN100's. They could keep my basement cozy warm.