Help with shopping for a power amp

Hello all!

I am a new member to this board but have visited quite often for years. Have a question about matching up an amp with my pre amp. First here is what I have for a set up.

Polk Audio Lsi7 Speakers
Yamaha YST-SW90 Powered Sub
Classe CP-50 Pre Amp
Had a Classe CA-100 - Sold
Sony CDP C79ES Player

I sold the Classe CA-100 and need to replace it. I loved it but I always thought it was just missing a little something. I was wanting to try and get a little more warmth and a richer sound. I have been thinking of replacing it with a Classe CA-200 or a Mark Levinson Model 23. I am sure that the CA-200 will match up just fine with the CP-50 pre but will the Mark Levinson Model 23 match? I don’t have any experience in mix matching equipment. Any advice would be greatly welcomed. The type of music I listen to is jazz, big band, a lot of vocal, acoustic guitar and piano.

I would look at a quality tube amp for warmth and richness. Something in the 50 to 70 watt range. Many choices in that area.
Hi all ! The Belles A150 is a nice amp , sounds as close to tubes as I have heard from solid state . Can be had for around $500 if you look a bit .
What made you think the Classe amp was to blame for the sonic weaknesses? I'd think the Classe stuff were easily the strongest parts of the chain.

Not trying to be condescending.
Speakers are going to change the sound more than any electronics ever could. It may be that electronics is not the cure! So many flavors from which to choose!
The 200 will add more low end control, more extension on both ends, better focus and dynamics over a 100. I wouldn't say warmth will be much improved as a whole.
I have a friend that has a CA-200 and hooked up on my system it blew that CA-100 away. I got a solid price for the 100 so I sold it. I really want a CA-200 but I am open to other amps.
Get the CA200.. why waffle over it.. or get a newer model Classe, they make nice gear.. then consider replacing that mediocre Sony CD changer lots of improvements in CD players over the last 20 years..
I think that is where I am at. CA-200 it is. Now I need to find a CD player. Any recommendations?
I found this Sony on ebay
It seems I am not able to post thread on Audiogon. This one, being recent, I too have been looking for a power amplifier and was thinking of a Byrston, SST 4B, or a Classe CA 201, or never model. I am not going to the details of my system, but I shall point out, my main stereo is quite old now.

I do like some of the SACD multi-channel; however, I totally disagree with the idea, with audio, placing speakers behind the listener. No live music has players behind the audience. Now is not the best stereo, when the sound does not seem to be coming from the two front speakers? Then why would anyone need a centre channel, same with the LFE, if you have good bass, you do not need a bass channel.

My main speakers will remain flat, down to 25HZ, and that is good enough for me.

The 5.1/7,1 is a format for Video, not audio. What should be found on a multi-channel would be surround speaker for a depth enhancing ambient effect, useful in large rooms. I have all I need for stereo, the mid-range and high frequency uses tubes, the bass uses SS mono built, not mono selected amplifiers.

I am considering using Apogee Duette speakers, or Infinity Renascence 80, with I have now on my HT, while that Apogee may sound better, I uses two channels on an old Reference B&K 7500 and worry about losing it as front speakers, while the surround sound will be lighter, less full and ambient, the Ren. 80 could be used with a single stereo amplifier that doubles; or puts out 400 watts into four ohms. I think the Bryston is great for the money, same with many Classe and I used all balanced XLR components, including my SACD player, which has form digital to differential balanced outputs. The B&K< a great amplifier, does not have a balanced topology.
Apogee? You might want to check out the D-Sonic thread on this page.

I certainly like watching Led Zeppelin "Celebration Day" BD on my HT. Compared to the CD on my two channel I'm not sure the BD gives much up. Having dedicated systems it's just not an issue.