Help with shop set up

I am presently setting up a woodshop. The dimensions are 32x50. The wall height is 10' with a vaulted ceiling peaking at 17'. The floor is concrete, the walls are drywall. There is a loft at 8' high in the back that is 32'x 30, also insulated and sheetrocked. There will be a pair of garage doors on the east end. I would like to assemble a nice mid-fi system to listen to as I work. The amp I will use is a Bryston. The major reason is I like the sound as well as the advantage of the warranty. I would like opinions on a decent pre amp and speakers. The CD player is a Rotel 991. Should I use monitors or floorstanders? Two or four speakers? I listen to music at a moderate level. Not real loud. Mostly rock and roll and jazz. I've listened to the Thiel CS 1.5 and tne B&W N 805. I would just like some input as I am not a real serious audiophile but exhibit signs of the virus. Advice and opinion will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
You should ask "Kitch" about this. He is also a wood worker and may have some tips on protecting the gear from dust (which would probably destroy the CD player and can't be good for the speakers and amp as well).
You are going to need plenty of juice to get a moderate S in room of that size, esp. over machinery. I would think that the Bryston 4 series would be the minimum, along with a reasonably efficient pair of speakers. Any yes, the electronics and esp. CD, should be in a closed cabinet or otherwise protected from dust.
Everyone has their own idea about audio but here is my suggestion: Buy a pair of horn loaded bar type speakers and attach them to the wall with brackets. No need to get carried away with this if you want to get work done. I happen to have a pair of Klipsch Heresey ported industrials that I will be listing tomorrow. I acquired them from a bar some time ago and can attest to their performance in such a large space. Very efficient speakers that need little in the way of amplification. Very inexpensive on the used market. Good luck, Patrick