Help with SF Line1 relay trigger

I can't figure this out, I have my Line 1 going to my Monster 5100 relay in using a mono mini plug cord. The Line 1 isn't triggering the Monster to turn on. I have checked the voltage coming from the Line 1's relay out and believe it is pumping juice (I have a very cheap multimeter and get a wide variety of results) and have no reason to believe the Monster isn't functioning properly (its brand new). Any suggestions? Would a stereo mini plug make a difference?
It probably is supposed to use a mono plug. Is the cord homemade? I'm guessing maybe the polarity is not correct.Usually the segment of connector closest to the plug is ground (-) and the tip is positive (+). Good luck
Write to sonic frontiers but I suspect that the trigger isn't set up for the Monster. My Line 1 won't trigger my Anthem MCA-20 because the Line 1 is using an older trigger design than the new one on the amp - these two products are made by the same company. That was the answer I got back from SFI. Good thing my amp has auto-trigger where if it senses a signal it will turn on. Been very reliable so far.
Thanks for the replies:

Here is what I got back from SF/Anthem;
"Unfortunately the Line 1 uses an outdated triggering scheme that needs an external power supply - all the connection does is complete a circuit when the Line 1 is turned on. Let me know if you want to build one - a 12V supply and a relay are needed."

I have replied to get instructions on how to build this. I'll post once I get them.

Well, here's the instructions. Unfortunately I still need it dummied down a little;

For the trigger output, you would have to build a small circuit using an external 12V supply (even an AC adapter):

On the Line 1 connection, the tip and ring are connected - there is no connection on the sleeve, therefore the plug that's inserted must be stereo, not mono.

Since there's no voltage between them, it doesn't matter which way they're wired. When standby is pressed, the tip and ring are connected together, so its best use is in a logic circuit that is activated by a low input (i.e. when a 0 input is given to a gate, caused by shorting it through this connection, the output switches on a relay).

An alternative to a logic circuit would be using it as a simple power switch (i.e. route the 12V positive from a power supply to the tip, the ring in series, in a fashion that breaks the connection when off turning off the power, and closes the connection when on so the 12V makes the connection):

12V-------Line 1 tip Line 1 ring-------trigger input (tip)
ground----------------------------------------trigger input (sleeve)

The Line 1 tip and ring close to complete the 12V path to the trigger input.

A suitable power supply should have low internal impedance to prevent itself from being loaded down while powering the relay coil.

Similarly, the IR input has tip+ ring- connection on a stereo plug, and an external power supply is needed to power the IR receiver, which typically has 3 connections (+12V input, IR output, common ground). Depending on the model, you may be able to use the same 12V supply as the relay, but check the manufacturer's instructions. The IR input to the Line preamp should not exceed 12V.