Help with Setting Up Nottingham Spacedeck

I recently bought a used spacedeck. I have no problem setting up the table and VTF. However, the instruction of adjusting the bias (I assume it means anti-skate) is very vague. I think I am supposed to move the little hammer for adjustment. I moved it to a point where I think the sound is balanced through the LP. Is there anything else I need to pay attention to? Or what else am I supposed to listen to in order to set this up?

Most of my analogue experience came from mid-end direct drive tables so I am not so sure if I set up the Nottingham right. I'd like to get some kind advice from existing Nottingham owner. And I appreciate any general help as well. Thanks!
Nottingham now has this information online.
You don't really "set up" a Spacedeck, you just assemble it. By that I mean that the Spacedeck does not require arcane tweaking by a specially trained technician to sound good like, say, dressing the tonearm cable in an LP-12. Follow the instructions in the dealer manual and you'll be fine. Many owners think the stock foam mat isn't very good and replace it; Boston Audio's graphite Mat 1 is perhaps the most popular replacement. You could experiment with using your Spacedeck without the base. Some think the turntable sounds better sitting directly on a good stand, without the stock wood base.
A Neuance shelf underneath the table(either with or without base) makes a huge improvement!

One thing to check is the pivot-to-spindle distance. I forget what the value should be(check the manual--something like 211mm), but if it is off, you need to remove the platter then loosen a bolt that allows you to swing the tonearm pod on an arc. Move the pod on the arc until the distance from pivot-to-spindle is exact, tighten the bolt, then put the platter on and then setup your cartridge.
The sliding metal donut adjusts anti-skate. I found it didn't work well, and didn't affect sonics much. Cheers,
I agree with Rob regarding the assembly and I preferred it sitting on another surface than the factory base.