help with setting up new system

i am looking at setting up a new system. i alread have BW cdm 9 speakers. need to get the rest. want to stream internet raido, netflix vids, itune library, etc. i like really loud when listing to Rock, and clean precise clasical. what do i get as far as amp, preamp, AV receiver? etc. starting out with 2 ch stereo and building out is fine if doing seperates. i have about $5k to start.
You need a receiver to stream netflix, recommend onkyo, it plays nice with itunes audio formats. An apple tv is netflix compatible, and you can use air tunes and the free apple remote on an ipad or iphone to control and play music and /or movies/tv shows from your itunes library. Either the onkyo or the apple tv will have access to internet radio, but i'm not sure how you'd get something like mog or spotify streamed to your receiver without the addition of a USB dac. Don't use the receiver to power the speakers, get an external 5 channel amp, a rotel, nad, mccormack, parasound, etc, to push the b&w's, and this is expandable to multi-channel later. Make sure the receiver you buy has pre-outs. netflix is the one thing that requires an hdmi receiver, without that in your wish list, the options open up, if you want to go pure 2 channel. My impression is that you want to expand to multi-channel later.