Help with setting up a laptop lp to cd burner

What will I need to do this?
An ADC, a burner, and some software. I don't want to use the laptop's burner.
Can all this be connected via usb ports?
Would like something that will yield good results.
What brands should I look at and how much of a layout?
Have you ever thought of maybe researching things first before starting a new thread ?

One minute you are going in one direction and then members give their opinions and the next minute you change direction again.

Just don't see what is wrong with buying a burner for under $250 and be done with it.
Are we to presume you are planning to burn your vinyl to cd format, thus the ADC?
Well I did some research but all the threads seem to be dated, and I figured there is new hard/software out there. And yes I am bouncing around a bit but thats because new answers bring new options. Sorry, but I think if there are no recent threads on this topic it can benefit others looking to venture into the same area.
And I will post my final decision to let others know what works or doesn't work.
I hope others chime in with succcess stories, and I will do some research outside of gon by attending the computer shows and see what is out there.
IMHO, the easiest way is to get an Alesis Masterlink. It is a stand alone unit. You don't need ADC, no software, no USB cable, no laptop. It has flexible editing feature, makes good sounding recording, and inexpensive - about $800 new, much less used.
I agree.
I went with the alesis by the way thanks for the advice to all.
Great choice P.
I was thinking of getting the same unit......looking forward to your impressions.