Help with set-up of Empire 598III Turntable

I just got one of these and am confused with the set-up. First it says to engage the Dyna-Lift, and to place the cartridge at the edge of the record label, and the needle 3/16" above the record itself and then to tighten the arm lock screw. (Is this done with the counterweight on or off?) Subsequently it tells you to adjust the counterweight so that the needle is just barely above the record, and then to dial in the tracking force and anti-skate.Could someone help decipher this for me a bit, (I am dense!). Thank you in anticipation.
I would set it after all else is set.On page 5,they tell you to reset it after several record plays.With this said,setting it afterwards must be the way to go since they want it recalibrated after setup.This would be my best guess.
I've never set one of these tables up,but have done a lot.I wouldn't want to do this without the counterweight in place. Modern cartridge suspensions could easily be damaged trying to set this up with the possibility of having the full weight of the arm and stylus touching the record.I don't think you could go wrong doing this afterward either.It would seem safer this way. The Vinylengine is a good site also.
Afterwards it is, then. That makes the most sense. Thanks all for your help.