Help with Scaler / Line doubler for HT setup

I was told by a friend that for the best picture I should add a scaler / line doubler to my system. I would appreciate any information and suggestions for a good bang for the buck unit. thats not too expensive under $1500.00 I will be using a 42-50 LCD rear projection TV
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This other web page is a bit cumbersome---compared to Audiogon---but it does serve it's purpose.

Good Luck!
The Iscan HD is just being released and its a killer . List Price $1499.00 made by DVDO . Much info on the AVS Forum.
I am only so knowledgable on the subject but would agree with the post regarding avsforum. It is very attuned to this sort of thing. One option is a home theater pc which would do what a dvd and scaler do, but it has its downsides (technical expertise is needed). I went with the centerstage focus 1 and am very happy, it was on the advice of the videophiles in my audio group. It lists for more than you like but I do know a chap where you can get it well within the range you wish to spend. If you want the name drop me a note

Actually their are mixed opinions on the Iscan HD, I jumped the gun on my January comment, my apologies.
The iScan HD will not scale High Def. I've been impressed with my Focus Enhancements CS2....which will take 1080i and scale it to 720p which is the native resolution of my projector.

You might want to take a look at Lumagen products as well.