help with RP6 setup

I am going to pick up a RP6 upgrading from RP1 with Ortofon Blue and need advice on the finishing touches:

Rogue 99 Pre.
Odyssey Mono blocks.
2ce's with matching subs.

Never owned a phono preamp. What would the advantage be? What would be a solid choice under 1000? Or is the Rogue good enough.

I was thinking Ortofon Black for the cartridge. Or is there other choices in the 700.00 range? My dealer carries Ortofon and Grado that I know of for sure.
Listen to the 2m blue for awhile and save your money. You are going to get a lot of the benefits of the 2m and can get a good sense of how the rest of your system is going to integrate. You might get more impact out of a good matching set of interconnects or speaker cables. There will be plenty of time for cartridge experiments. Get a feel of what you have.
Ortofon MC-3 turbo and a double-sided suede leather mat sounds great on my RP6
Hello,the reason you use a phono pre amp is so you can use the direct line level input on any preamp. This way you bypass using (or having to use) the pre amp's phono input.I am not familiar with the rouge audio's phone input, you would have to be the judge. As for phono pre amps under $1000,there are way to many for me to list.They have solid state and tube ones from there you should check out which ones give the flexibility to use MM/MC carts. I have heard that MC carts are more detailed,the cost on these can get really crazy IMO.
The mc-3 turbo for $350 and a Jasmine LP 2.0 mkII phono stage for $499 plus shipping comes in under your $1000 limit and is a great combo with my RP6. The Jasmine is much better and more flexible than the Rouge stage.
I have owned a lot of Phono Pre's going over $1.5k over the last 3 years.
The Jasmine is very nice but not as nice as the Vista Audio Phono 1 for $300 ! It is almost infinitely adjustable. There are much better settings for cartridges other than the Manufacturers average settings, and that is set because that is the way Phono pres have their "average" settings for a broader rang of cartridges. The little Vista is better than a Nova Phonomena at $1k. The Nova would be second on my list, then the Jasmine LP2.0 /II

As an example,I could not believe how much better a Dyna 10X5 sounded setting at 1k Ohms than the average High Output setting at 47k.

With that and a "Kwillis Protector" for your Rega arm that table will sing like you have never heard it and with your present cartridge.
@Bacobits1, is the Vista Audio Phono-1 mkII both MM and MC? I am surprised the gain is only adjustable on MM. How hard is it to add / remove resistors to adjust input impedance? How much A/B comparison did you do with the Vista mkII vs the Jasmine mkII?