Help with Rosinante Speakers

Does anyone have any information on how I could contact Ric Cummins, the designer and builder of the Rosinante speakers? I have lost touch with him as the result of a hard drive failure with no data backups. His phone # and email addresses were there. The Roomlens web site is no longer operating.

I need to get in touch with him for advice on replacing blown speakers in a pair of his Evolution Signatures. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
Did you try this phone number:

P.O. Box 612
602 Acorn
Eudora, KS 66025

Voice: (785) 542-3922

Also Song Audioo in Canada was the Canadian distributor for room lens. He might know how to reach him.

You might try calling Martin Logan or audio dealers in the Lawrence, Kansas area.
If anyone can get you the phone number for Millersound, you can most likely have the drivers repaired to proper specs.
Thanks everyone. Sorry Tomryan, one of the speakers has had the drivers removed. These, specifically are what I need:
tweeterÂ….. Focal TC90TDX
midbassÂ… Focal 7V014DBL

Since both are discontinued items, I am thinking about looking for substitutes that would be close to the performance of the originals, and replace all drivers in both speakers. Do you think this would work?