HELP with Room Treatment See Slideshow

Please copy link and view slide show. I am looking for advice on room treatments. I can only do panels which have a base (no hanging on the wall due to wife factor)
Any advice would be appreciated as to placement and what to brand to buy etc.
I suggest, as a first step, you take the 'edge' out of the back wall by using some six inch round, 36 inch long 'tube traps', stacked, three in each corner. They stack easily without any supports. Six can be purchased for about $120. Color is pure white. These poor man's 'tube traps' can be purchased from stores that sell fitness equipment. They are a good starting point. If they work, WAF can be done with covering them in a fabric, she likes. If they don't work, back to the store they go. Try them, you will be amazed.
Buconero, what do they call these things at the fitness stores? Thanks.
Barbells. =8^)

Please see link for floor plan sketch
Bio-Foam Rollers. At, product #9020. Enjoy
Interesting. Thanks.
The bass traps will be helpful. The asymmetry of your room is problematic, you are getting more boundary reinforcement from your right speaker vs. the left. Some kind of absorption on the right wall would be nice, except your equipment rack is there. I would consider moving the equipment rack to behind the speakers and treating right wall with some absorption. Still, with the juttting wall right next to the speaker this may not make much difference unless you placed the speaker more out into the room (away from front wall). Have you thought about different positioning of the speakers, something more symmetrical.

Synergistic cable has just come out with some interesting new free standing room treatments, pricey, but they look good to me. Don't know about their capabilities.
I really dont have much option but to leave the rack where it is. I understand the room has its limitations so I am trying to make the best of a challeging situation.
The one thing you don't mention is what issues you are having. Are you getting return echo from the hallway-kitchen side? That gives you a big unbalance on the left side. I would say try adding treatmenst to those areas to absorb any sound from coming back at you from that side.
Maybe reduce the reflectivity from the rh wall.
Hard space to work with. experiment experiment experiment!
Go to and check out the modular panel systems in their store. I (and my wife) think those look much cleaner than any of the clunky panels with feet you move around the room. They can custom fabricate any size and configuration, with any available acoustic fabric, you desire. Maybe the customized options a source like this offers will help overcome the aversion to wall mount solutions. The custom fabricated panel system that looks like wainscoting is easy on the eyes. Good luck.
It looks to me as though your room has a large volume (the rear wall is open, the left wall is distant from the left speaker) but early reflections. (No wonder you have a big subwoofer.) The more first reflection points you can treat, the better.

The right speaker cries out to be moved away from the wall, but obviously there's not much room to do that. An absorbent panel could be placed either on that wall (to the right of the right speaker) or in the corner (where it could do double duty as a bass trap if properly designed). Given that you can't change where your system is placed, I would look into treating that wall and corner first.

Have a look at Jon Risch's acoustics pages to get an idea of what's possible.

To see if it would help to treat that corner simultaneously for bass-region modes and mid-high diffusion, try a quick-and-dirty test. Buy or borrow a large sealed plastic bag of insulation (fiberglass, rock wool or other), place it in the corner behind the right speaker and do some test listening. Obviously you won't be able to leave the bag there--you may even have no other use for it and have to take it back to the store for a refund afterwards--but if you do have anything to gain from treating that corner, it should show up.
Take a look at GIK acoustics. They have some nice corner traps that sit on the floor and sell panels with stands that you could experiment with. The prices are real world.