Help with ringing bass from Dynaudio C1

I recently replaced a pair of Silverline SR17.5's with some Dynaudio C1's. I love the Dyn's, but one thing is driving me crazy: on some passages with a deep bass drum (e.g.,Young People's Guide to the Orchestra on Mr. Britten's Orchestra), the bass starts ringing, obliterating other frequencies and sounding very much out of control. I have tried putting an acoustic panel in back of the speaker. That helps some, but the bass is still resonating too much. It sounds like one note in particular, but I can't say for sure.

PWD mkII via ethernet bridge
Bel Canto Ref 1000M
Audioquest Sky XLR, & Volcano speaker cables
Audience AR6T conditioner
You need a hih-current amp that exhibits better control of the woofers' excursion...

Try moving the speakers back or forward 6 inches at a time
and then inward till it is least offensive
Best JohnnyR
Do you think there is a defect in either the speakers or amplifiers? The setup sounds absolutely perfect except for being out of control at the very bottom. Any bass above that sounds quite tight. However, the bottom is so out of control -- ringing for several seconds --, it is hard to believe that such highly reviewed products could have such a glaring flaw without someone else mentioning it.
what are the speakers standing on? if they have feet or footers, tighten them (or remove them if the footers are on a platform); are the screws lose which hold the driver?
They are on Core speaker stands. I tried picking up the speakers and holding them while they were ringing; it made no difference.

The driver screws are tight.
Having owned the C1 and now the C1 Signature I have never heard of that problem. Does it happen with both speakers? Does it happen only at high listening levels? I've driven mine with a Bryston B100 and now an Octave V70Se. I've heard C1's with Naim - Sim Audio and Burmester. Since the speakers are passive I would think it is something upstream. Try without the conditioner. Any possibility of borrowing a different amp? Another option may be to bring the speakers to a friend or dealer and listen to the same passages but on a different system.

That being said I have overdriven mine to where the woofers bottomed out. But that sounded more like someone hitting the cabinet with a padded baseball bat. But it didn't ring or last past the low note.
You'd think if your silverlines were ok then it's got to be the speakers and there is something wrong, they are broken. There is no way this speaker just does this if it is such an obvious flaw. Hopefully you bought them new and can get warranty service done.
Having heard these speakers more times than I can count Id say there is an issue w/C1s.If your running the system in the same room with other speakers and you dont hear the problem,,its your Dynaudios as this is most certainly not common
It was the room! I moved the speakers from my 12 x 15 den to my 28 x 20 living room and the ringing disappeared! Now the bigger challenge: how to get rid of bass resonance in the den without getting divorced?
((((Now the bigger challenge: how to get rid of bass resonance in the den without getting divorced?))))

Same answer I gave you before, for the 2nd part of your question, its the same answer again just insert spouse instead of speakers.
Hope that works for you.
Cheers JohnnyR
Lmao, if that is what you are implying.
Sorry Johnny, wasn't quite sure I understood your post. Did you mean the OP should insert his spouse inside the speakers?? If it works for the OP, can it be done with other speakers? If you know how to do it, I'll be in Verona in a heart beat.
Hi Bruce
I would try the Lower port first...
If that doesn't work try this known successful alternative effort.
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Cheers JohnnyR
Since it is the room you will need to try moving the speakers around. I would expect there is node that is getting excited. Have you tried any corner bass traps or acoustic treatments? Where the corners meet is where bass build up can happen.
Acoustic panels behind the speakers should do the trick. You can get some very attractive ones these days for not too much cash.
Audioconnection, you're crackin me up bro! Both responses too funny. You too bif! Ha, put your spouse in the port! Ridiculous!
Johnny I didn't know you had this sense of humor in you!