Help with Revel F50 and C50

I just bought a pair of Revel F50 and the center model C50 locally. I was told they had issues so I bought them anyway.
All bass drivers have no sound, the mids are out as well! The C50 is in similar condition. I have tested a few drivers and they don't appear to be blown or damaged from my very simple battery test and "feeling" for rubbing. I read that some had corrosion issues in early models on the drivers, don't know because they look OK. Cross overs are $200 each , per driver!! Did I buy paper weights?
I would say if the drivers are working, the crossovers are your next culprit to investigate. I am not sure hopw you would do that other than send them into Revel and have them check them out. It maybe as simple as a resister. And you may be able to find a local repair shop that can check and replace any damaged parts for less money.
OK, I took the speakers to a local shop and it is the drivers that are bad, not the crossovers. These speakers apparently have a quality issue where the wire leads between the speaker terminal connector and voice coil corrodes and disintegrates. The tensil lead or wiring of the actual speaker shows a blue foreign material like you find on your car battery that needs cleaning. Eventually it eats through the wire and you have no signal. I read other’s experiences on other web sites so this is not uncommon.

As of now Revel has decided to not repair or take part based on the speakers passing their warranty date. They will no longer respond to my e-mails. The speakers have been dormant due to this issue for quite a while. I just don’t understand a speaker that is made of faulty material that eventually self destructs ($8000/pr!!) and I am left to handle it myself. The center channel, the C50 is well on its way and is now very distorted as the signal is corroding away..