Help with REL problem

Has anyone had a similar problem with their REL? I just purchased a brand new Storm III. The supplied Neutrik cable slides very loosely in and out of the subwoofer (is that proper?). Further, when hooked up as the manual directs in regard to the high level unbalanced method, with the red and yellow wires attached to the positive of two separate speaker terminals and the black to the negative, I get a loud hum, almost as if the wires are crossed. I tried in another amp (easy to ensure wires were not crossed using receiver with cheap plastic lock down terminals) just to make sure it was not that. BUT, using RCA cables through the other filter works just fine. Do I have a faulty cable, sub, or brain?

First, turn the amplifier on first. Mine hums if I turn the REL on before the amplifier. It did not hum with with my old amp off, but it does on my new one if the amp is off and the REL in on. May not be grounded with the amp off (the black wire). My current amp must lose the ground through the speaker terminals when it is off. See if that is the case. So I always turn the REL on last and off first.

Secondly, the Neutrik should lock in place. You put it in and turn it clockwise until it locks.

Hi Jimmy,
I had the exact same problem with my REL Storm II once. I believe what happens is that the leads from the amp to the sub act as an antenna for RF or other nasties.
You need to experiment with defeating the ground on some of the equipment in your system to see if that works (cheater plugs on everything but the preamp, for example, leaving one component grounded for safety). Cheater plug: turns a thre prong into a two prong.
Does the hum come from the sub or your main speakers? Eventually my hum went away but it took two trips back to the amp manufacturer (!) and once back it disappeared like magic, even when the designer said he did not do anything...I do not remember what I did differently. Sorry.
Anyway, my 2c.
Dear Jimmy,
When you install the Neutrik connection, be sure the power is off, push the connection into the high level socket, with your thumb, slide the silver tab back and rotate clockwise until it stops. Release the silver tab and try to rotate the connection. It should be locked. If it rotates, you may have a faulty connector.

You may want to think about replacing the power cord. I don't say this because this is my business, I say it because I am a REL owner. This sub responds well to both speaker and power cable upgrade. Refer to the following link.

I was a little put off when I pulled mine out of the box, it sounded lousy. Be patient.. with a few days of break-in, it will sound tight and sweet!

ENJOY!!! Hope this helps
Dan Harmon
PS on my post. If I do turn the REL on first or turn the amp off with the REL on, it starts to hum immediately, and stops immediately if I turn the amp back on. Just letting you know it is the amp and not the REL in my case. If you do get it to stop the same way, you will see it will hum if you disconnect the black wire. Do not know why my amp loses the ground when it is off, but I just turn it on/off last/first and I have no problems.

Try this first before going to more drastic measures.

Hi, just to chime in about the REL neutrik connector: I developed a hum from my Storm III after about a year of use and ended up replacing the supplied neutrik cable w/a custom made one. Hum has never returned. In my case, I believe the neutrik cable got loosened or unsoldered somehow.
Check the Neutrik connection first. As stated above, push it in all the way, then twist to lock it. The silver slide button is only used to unlock it for removal, you don't need to use it for insertion. I'm guessing that since it was never locked in place, the ground connection was never made, and that is the source of the loud hum....
Thanks all, yes, it was my brain (see original post) - - I never dealt with a Neutrik cable and did not know to push and twist. Thanks for your help! (It works....and I like it!)