Help with pricing on Electro Voice Sentry VI

Have acquired a vintage pair of Electro Voice Sentry VI

Have the specs, can NOT find any values for resale... I believe they are difficult to find as they were only made for a short time period.. they are intact and checked working..

they are massive, about 115lbs each... beautiful as well...

Any help, helps
I used to listen to them in a store where I sold stereo, as I recall about 1500 pr in 70's. One of the nicest, most dynamic just plain musical speakers I've heard in 40 years as an "audiopile. Used beats me, I can say if drivers refoamed , which surely they need by now, I would gladly pay 1K for a pair if that helps.
Woofers were refoamed with some type of cloth material, perhaps to extend the future life... original price at times is helpful.. thank you for your input...
You can try searching for threads regarding the 'Interface D', which was the home audio version of the Sentry VI: ( ) Did yours come with the accessory SEQ, as originally supplied with the Interface D's? Enter these URLs, and you can download the manuals for both iterations: ( ) (
I had a pair of Sentry VIBs when I was a teenager. I really regret selling them. Talk about dynamics....Wow. None of the highend speakers I had over the years couldn't touch their dynamics. It was fun having Led-Zeppelin live in my basement every night. My parents didn't like it much, neither did the neighbors for blocks
And they could do the same with a symphony orchestra, Klipschorns for people with good musical taste,a GREAT speaker !!!