Help with pricing?


I'm about to put a bunch of stuff on Agon, and I just want to make sure that my prices aren't out of line (this is not an attempt to do an end-run around listing on Agon, all sales will be done through Agon).

Also, now that Vgon is gone, I can't find any pricing guidelines at all on the projector & screen. Opinions?

The equipment is as follows:

1. Pair of Martin Logan Odyssey speakers - $1,800
2. Krell KAV 400xi Amp - $1,500
3. Pair of Monitor Audio Studio 50 speakers - $2,700

4. Complete Luxman component system:

T-373 tuner - $170
C-383 preamplifier - $300
D-373 CD player - $200
M-383 power amplifier - $500

TOTAL - $1,170

5. Monitor Audio FB-212 subwoofer - $1,000
6. Velodyne ULD 12 subwoofer - $400
7. Sim 2 HT300 Link DLP projector - ?
8. Stewart Firehawk 100� fixed screen - ?

Thanks for your help!
You could subscribe to the Audiogon and/or Orion Blue-books. Or simply check the 'Completed Listings' section on Ebay to get a handle on prices.
You can buy the Blue Book Agon publishes re- the audio gear. That should help.
I did subscribe to the Agon BB and also did searches on eBay. Nothing anywhere on the projector & screen, and very limited info on the other stuff.
Too low on #2, too high on #3. #1 and #4 seem fair, but you may wait for the right buyer for #4. #5 a little high, #6 perhaps a bit high, but you may have better luck with #6 on craigslist, IMHO subs are expensive to ship and unless they are special like the MA you may have trouble finding a market. You'll probably want a local sale on the MLs as well.

There is another alternative, let the market decide by running an Audiogon auction. That way, you know that they are sold at the end of the auction period as well.
Thank you Viridian. In your opinion, what should the Studio 50's go for? The price seemed high to me, too. I was also thinking of $3,500 for the projector and $1,300 for the screen. Fair?
Maybe $2200-2400 for the MAs, but you can always start high as some buyers like to haggle. You are right on for the projector and screen but again you may have to wait for that special buyer.

It is an imprecise science, after all.

Best of luck with the sales!