Help with preamp choice please

Hello all. I'm strongly considering upgrading my preamp and based on reviews (few high end dealers hereabouts) I've just about narrowed the choice to a Rogue Audio 99 Magnum or a Sunfire Classic Tube. I've already got an outboard phono stage that I like so that's not really a consideration. If any A-gon members have compared these two units I'd be very interested in their impressions. If anyone knows of a better choice (Amplifier to be driven is a high input impedance solid state) for about that amount of $$ please don't hesitate to say so. Thanks in advance for any and all responses.
I very much enjoyed the 99 with the 88 on Tannoy D700 - one of the best setups I have heard in a while. I don't know the Sunfire though. Just 2 cents... Arthur
I would check out some of the audio research preamps, this is their forte. I dont know your budget, but, a sp-9MK3 good starting point and its built-in phono stage is great. I personally have a Ref2MK2 driving Rowland model 9's monos. This is my 3rd ARC preamp. Solid product, solid company, great support. Sorry, didnt read about the 2 choices till now.I have a feeling if you audition the ARC pieces you may change your mind.Good Luck .........Scot