Help with power

Hi all this may sounds as Nut's and crazy to all I just bought a unit that the back of the item reads 220Vac but it looks like the standard power fits the item now to i use my power cord or do i need a step down transfomer for this item .. this seems weird to me that the item is mark this way having a three prone IEC back on the unit So I stand back and feel I know my answer but dam if I'm stuck ... by the way the item is made in china all the crazy answer will help ... this nut in a shell with lost for clues ...
I should add what the item is guess I was lost in my nut .. ok the item is a preamp it's a Consonance OPERA t99
The IEC connector on the unit can be used for 120V as well as 220V. I would contact the seller that sold you the piece of equipment to verify exactly the voltage. My guess, if it says 220V on the back it is 220V. Contact the seller.

As for using a transformer you will need to step up the voltage, 120V to 220V. For safety you should not use a standard 120V receptacle for 220V. That means you will not be able to use a cord with a 120V plug.

Can you return the piece of equipment? Did the seller represent the equipment input power 220V?
Anytime you buy something from out of the US,make sure of the voltage requirements.
You should also contact the manufacturer with the serial number who can provide you with more information.
Well I just check the a standard power the kind you use on a computer fit's the unit and it does power it up but i have not connect anything to it yet still holding back this is a dilemma