Help with "popping" Quad 2805

I purchased a pair of Quad 2805s here on the forum.  They arrived last Tuesday and after unpacking and plugged them in one of the speakers immediately starting making a popping sound.

The seller has been unresponsive and I need some sort of repair before I can use them.  I'm in a small town and would have to ship them to whoever can do the repair.  Will probably have to wait a couple of months as I spent way over my budget on these.

Any help provided is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

Are they new tubes? Tubes that are new or have not reached the full burnin period will very often pop and crackle. It's normal break in up to about 60 hours with some tubes.

We're they sold as new or low hours?
I don't think there are any tubes in a Quad 2805.
In any event, new vacuum tubes should not pop or crackle. 
Sounds like a problem to discuss with Ken at Electrostatic Solutions. He knows his stuff and will be able to help you. You can find his number on the web. Good luck.
Right you are cleeds, no tubes in the speakers.

Thank you hamr, I'll give him a call.  Crossing my fingers I can even afford it.  I'm disappointed that one doesn't work as it was advertised as a "gorgeous" pair.

oops, I just woke up and thought he said a quad of tubes. My bad.
Hi, first congrats on the quads. Once this issue is all sorted out I'm sure you're going to love them.  I have a set of 989's and they're great.  If you do a web search you'll find plenty of guys that work on them.  One search term that gave back good results ' quad esl repairs ' .  

A guy based in Florida gets high marks -

Just a side note.  I know this doesn't make sense to most people and I wouldn't have believed it if I didn't try it, and hear the change for myself.  Think about changing out the stock power cords with heavy gauge ones .  Why do this?  Well, when I did it my 989 suddenly had deeper base and a richer mid range.  To me it was well worth the price of the 2 cables ($200.00).  I'm using panga 9's .

Good luck 

Thank you acbc,

I can't wait to hear them!  And thanks for the tip on the power cords.

I'm going to wait until the end of the business day tomorrow hoping the seller will express some sort of interest to work this thing out.  If not I have to wait until Feb. to send them in.  I spent more than all my money just buying them.

Plug them in and keep playing them . It may go away . Was told that by a electrostat dealer .

  • call Ken at Electrostatic Solutions. Your speakers have a bad panel or a power supply problem and playing them won't make them better. I have owned 7 pairs and currently own ELS63 monitors with Ken's rebuilt panels.
From your description the seller sold you a defective loudspeaker and should be held responsible.
Hi, first onhwy is correct you should follow up with the seller, then audiogon, and then PayPal- if you used it.  

Second, check out this link. It's about esl 63's, but they're very similar to the 2809's.   Don't dismiss the 'giving them a good could couple of whacks' (side to side) recommendation.  I had some buzzing on mine and naturally I was thinking the worst.  Read about how dust can get into a panel and cause all sorts of noises. Reluctantly I gave the buzzing speaker a whack ( actually 3) and the buzz was gone.  Phew.... Strange but thankfully work.   Please bear in mind that at one point your quads ( all quads) will need service.  
Also, at the risk of over staying my welcome--- don't over drive them.  20 watts will be plenty.  I'm using an el 34 tube amp rated at 20 and its magic.   Enjoy! 

The link:

Thank you everybody for your suggestions.  I've been in touch with Kent @ Electrostatic Solutions and will be shipping my speakers there.

The seller finally contacted me claiming he had sent several emails.  I never received them and they weren't in my junk folder.  He suggested I repair them myself.  I'm not a tool guy.  Not even close.  I proposed we split the cost of repair and as of yet I've heard nothing.  (that was Sunday.)

I'm going to give him until the end of the business day today and then leave honest feedback.  

The upside is that Kent is a great guy to talk with and I'm sure when I finally get my Quads back, they'll sound beautiful.

Kent is a good guy. He fixed my 63's years ago.  But that's not the point. It appears you were sold defective speakers. Seller should pay 100% or you should return them for a full refund. There are plenty of good used quads on the market these days.  Don't be taken advantage of.


I agree that either the speakers were defective or they were damaged during shipping. I also agree that the seller should take some responsibility. I even offered to split the cost of repair.

He’s been incredibly unresponsive and while I agree that doing the right thing is what he should do, I pretty certain I’m stuck.

The funny thing is the seller has a boatload of good reviews here on Audiogon

-- Bob
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The seller should pay for the repair.