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I don't know if anyone can help but I was changing fuses on a Plinius 8200Mk11 and the prongs fell off the fuse holder so I can't screw the fuse holder in anymore. Tried contacting Plinius but no response so far. I tried going to local electrical supply stores but they have no idea where I could get something that might work. My amp (and music listening) is a bust until I get this issue resolved....any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
I assume you mean the AC inlet fuse on the back

Fuse Holder

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Thanks for your response Peter. The screw cap on the one I have when pulled out has 3 prongs. Hard to see how the the Radio Shack unit works and people seem to think it's worthless by their reviews. . What I need is actually just a new screw cap with prongs but I guess I could get a whole unit if necessary and get someone to wire it in. thanks for your reply, happy listening.
If your handy you can just replace the entire holder with the one above. They work just fine and are actually a lot sturdier than most other pronged fuse holders. You can of course also replace it with a screw cap one which they also sell.

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These may be what your looking for, theres several types so do a little research on this site.

Little Fuse Cap

Schurter Cap

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I will take a look at those.Thanks so much for your help. Regards, Richard
Email the US distributor-in Portland, OR. Great guy, super helpful and will get back to you.
Frank Gazzo

Fabulous integrated BTW...fwiw I found the pre in the 9x00 series more musical.
Plinius is on my short-list to audition. feel free to mention your local dealer/retailer, so I will have a place to start. Keep me posted & happy listening!
Which Plinius are you thinking about? I am a big fan of their amps and have use them with dynaudio speakers for over a decade.
Give Frank a shout. He'll definitely help you out.
The closest dealer is me is two hours north on the eastern edge of the Adirondacks....not sure if that would help you, but Frank can send to the closest one or try to work something out if none are nearby.

I would like to visit a dealer/retailer that offers several Plinius models for demo. I have never auditioned this brand, so I am not certain of the offerings.

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Most of the new models share the same updated circuit board, so the sound is consistent . More power, more headroom with the larger units and class A if you want to heat a room. There are some adjustments and mods that can be made if you decide to stay a/b to change the current bias a bit...or so I hear.
Any luck? Feel free to send me a PM if you like.