Help with phono pre-amp

hello AudiGoners,
i ve decide to try out vinyl,the only problem is my krell KAV250P does not have a phono stage.can any 1 recomend me how to go from here to hook up a turntable ofr minimal amount of money and still have decent sound?.thanks so much
creek makes good, inexpenive phono stages.
Try a parasound p/ph 100 phono pre. It it switchable for either MM or MC. They list for about $120 New!
Rotel has an inexpensive, high value unit you'll often see on Audiogon.
I will try to help. If your have very expensive other gear like Krell, then it would be logical to try to match the quality of your system when buying new source items. It is sort of like saying, I have a new set of Soundlabs U-1, can anyone tell me an inexpensive way to make them play? The answer is no, if you want the sound to match the capability of the rest of your system. If you want to move to vinyl, you should give it the same careful consideration that you would to getting a new CD player. After all, it is going to be a source component, right? It needs to carefully thought out and purchased as items that will work well together. It cannot be a hodge-podge of various low end products and be expected to provide good results. So, you need to determine what type of turntable/tonearm/cartridge you are going to use before you can select a phono stage. If you do not use this method, you can almost be sure of a bad or mediocre result. Even if you plan to buy only entry level products, system matching is a must.
MS Phonomena
You should do a search on this topic because it's been covered many times'd find a million more suggestions in every price range . Depending on what you mean by "minimal amount of money" could buy a used Lehman Black Cube for $300-$400. They're great for their original $700-$800 retail and amazing for $300-$400. Just a suggestion...