Help with options under $1500

Hi All,

Long time lurker and first time poster now that I have decided to take the plunge. I am trying to create a budget music room system (10ft x 12ft room).

I will mainly listen to MOG and Spotify streaming through a Sonos ZP90 as well as my music collection through Apple TV and have been looking at different options and have made this shortlist:

1) Peachtree Decco 2
2) Caiman DAC + Rega Brio (3 or R)
3) Caiman DAC + Miniwatt N3

In terms of speakers, I am looking at Wharfendale Evo 2-08, HSU HB1-mk2, Klipsch Reference RB-61 II.

I will appreciate any suggestions that you might have. I will like to stay under $1500 for the full set up.
I don't have an specific suggestions (other than that I think the Brio is excellent), but checking out the Budget Minded systems posted here might be useful. The most important thing, ime, is to find speakers you like. It's impossible to do that without listening to them, preferably in your room. This can be a challenge (especially, if, as in my case, there are few good dealers around). I've had good luck buying used; if something doesn't work for you, you can usually move it on for only a small loss. Have fun!
A couple of pairs of the Tekton Lore available for asking price $600 and $750 available on Audiogon right now. Doubt you would go wrong with those.
A 10' x 12' room is probably going to be tough on anything in the bass (below app 150hz). I'm a great believer in digital room correction for most installations, but I suspect that it will be unusually beneficial in yours.

I'd personally take the co-ax out of the ZP90 into a good AVR that is Audyssey equipped. You can probably find a NAD, Marantz, Integra or Denon on the used market for somewhere between $500 to $1K.

Spend the balance on good, reasonably full range speakers. There are a lot of good choices out there in the ballpark of your remaining budget - but there's so much personal taste involved that a specific recommendation is difficult.

Good Luck

The Burson HA-160D seems like a good option when on budget. Its a dac/pre/headamp combo.
The peachtree decco 2 would be a great choice to use with the klipsch RB-61 II as Klipsch speakers are very effcient. also the decco 2 amp has a pre-out on it in case you need to hook up a powered subwoofer. Also the klipsch RB-81 II would give ya a little more Bass. The peachtree amp does give you alot in one unit and more then enough power to run klipschs.