Help With Optimal Revel Studio Placement?

Just got these speakers
They are awesome but I have a strange dedicated listening room/ht and need help to place them optimally so I get 100% out of them!
the room description is below
any thought or specific advice/approcahes would be appreciated
i just spent 5 hours reading all the different advice on the net and trying out various combos without success!
thanks in advance!

the thing that i have been surprised by is the lack of deep bass slam i was expecting
i have a rel storm iii sub so it is not that big a deal but in dedicated 2 channel listening, i can thelp thinking that i shouldn't need it
plus my wife says the rel bass sounds bloated in comparison

Front Rear

*equipment racks*
* ************
s *
c # ************
r *
e *
e # *
n *
* *
* *
******french doors*********************

approximate dimensions are
screen wall (widest) 17 feet
maximum length 22 feet
length to first 2 foot cut in on right wall - 10 feet (equipment rack are)
length to next cut in = 8 feet
ceiling height 9 feet
now i have 2 sets or risers with 4 cinema loungers each
first riser is 4 inches high and 15 feet back from
screen wall (middle 2 seats here are "mine"
second riser is 12 inches high and 20 feet back from
the front screen wall

the studios right now are 54 inches from screen wall
the left studio is moved into the room from the side wall by about 5o inches
the right studio is about 65 inches in from the wall behind the equipment rack
the speakers are about 11 feet from the primary listening position
and are about 8.5 feet apart from each other
i think thats about it
please feel free to post with further details
i have got to get these things placed optimally!
thanks in advance everyone!
Sounds like you are sitting at the null point - 1/2 of room length. If this is the case you might consider moving the seats back to 2/3 of L. You might consider using a CD with lots of bass and walk around the room and find the spot that sounds best and that's where you might need to relocate your seats.

Good luck.

well my schematic came out like crap with the formatting
ill try and draw it and provide a link
but basically it is a rectanlge with 2 2 foot cut-ins along the left wall when sitting facing the screen,
i am listening pretty close to the speakers now
ill try the bass test and see what happens
due to the screen, the curved stage in front of the screen, the 2 solid columns behind the screen and the risers with multiple seats, i am limited in how much physical moving i can do with the seats themselves.
It would be helpful to know what kind of equipment you have: amps, preamp, disc player, etc. This can have an impact. Your setup is problemeatic. For a worthwhile primer go to and try out the CARA room optimizer software and look at his room design. Rives will also be glad to fix your room. . . for a reasonable price.
It might be worthy your while to give him a call.
The Studios should sound great. I suspect the above post it correct. However it seems your room setup might be hard to adjust.
Good listening,
I am runnning an all cal audio set-up
ssp 2500 processor
cl 2500 dvd/cd player
and mca 2500 (500 X 5)
all alpha core goertz and mi 2 veracity wire
hope this helps