Help with Ohms and Bi-Amping...

OK, I'm a NOOB, sorry...I have a Denon AVR-2808CI (110 Watts per ch) and am awaiting the arrival of my Monitor Audio Silver 5.1 system. All the MA speakers are rated at 6 Ohms; the fronts are RS6's (Sensitivity (1W@1M): 91 dB; Nominal Impedance: 6 Ohms; Power Handling (RMS): 120 W; Recm'd Amp (RMS): 40 - 120 W). The outputs on the back of the Denon are listed as 6 Ohms, except when using A + B (bi-amping) for the fronts, which says 8 Ohms. I asked Denon about this and the reply was that bi-amping 6 Ohm speakers may cause the unit to shut-down and/or damage it. I know the Denon guy must practice CYA in case an issue arises from advise he has given, so I was hoping to get another opinion or two, with a bit more objectivity. I don't plan on balls out cranking them, as I live in a townhouse. Does this Ohm issue really matter?
It might matter. The easiest way to find out is to simply do it. If the amp is in distress, it will protect itself. Go for it...

The other thing to consider is that the nominal impedance of your speakers is probably not the same as the nominal impedance of either the High or the Low. So one channel could be seeing a much lower impedance than 6 ohms. Assuming the protection circuits work, there should be no damage. Only you can make the call.
You should have no problem with the Denon driving your Monitor audio speakers in that configuration.