Help with Ohm Walsh 2's

My friend recently got a pair of Ohm Walsh 2's, which the drivers had gone out on. Are these worth repairing? Does anyone have recommendations on who can replace the drivers?

I remember that these were some sort of omni-directional speakers. I also remember that the sound was pretty good. Can these speakers be put against the wall or do they require some space?

These Ohm speakers came with a passive sub-woofer, which is no longer around. Should my friend use a sub-woofer?
I have a pair of Walsh 2s that I no longer use. You can get replacement drivers through OHM at(I believe)

Ohm supports even its older speakers.

I found the 2s very forgiving of speaker placement. I used mine with a sub-woofer.
You can purchase new "cans" from Ohm. You can also send your "cans" in to them where one or both drivers can be replaced.

My first "audiophile" speakers were Ohm Walsh 2s and they were terrific. My father still uses his for surround speakers in his HT.

As Zorpman says, they are VERY forgiving of placement - although I wouldn't put them right up against the wall - and especially not right in a corner.

As I recall, they go down into the mid 30s w/o a subwoofer, so I don't know if that's really necessary. They're also relatively efficient. I drove mine with an old Marantz 30wpc receiver (mid 70's vintage. 2230?).

For the small amount of money that it'll cost you to replace the drivers, I'd say it's definitely worth doing. These are great little speakers.