Help with Next Move- Amps & Source

My current setup: Speakers: B&W 802D front, CMC Center, CM7rears; Pre=Rotel 1058x receiver; Krell 400xi integrated (200x2); Rotel 1520CD; PS3 for multi chanel audio and Krell Kid ipod dock using the 400Xi balanced connectors.
Tara labs cables.

I listen 2 channel thru the ipod and cd player direct to the 400xi and use the theatre throughput to power the fronts thru the Rotel during DVD playback. The Rotel provides 75W to the center and rears. I really like concert DVD's and the Krell sound, although I am open to suggestions. The new class D are tempting and less costly where multi channel listening may not be as crucial?

1-improve source for concert DVD's- Oppo seems like the best choice but not sure whether to use HDMI or get the SE and use analog.

2-Multichannel Power- Considering Krell Showcase for powering center and rears for DTS especially. No hiccups from the Rotel at volume, concerned about under powering. I would keep the 400Xi for the fronts. I have a Carver 2 CH TFM35x that sounds great on music DVD's that could power the rears, leaving the front @ only 75W. considering a KAV 250 3 channel as well.

3-Future- change pre to ?? the Rotel has HDMI; Krell showcase which model used would suit my needs?

Budget is $2500 for the amp. Thoughts?