Help with next CDP upgrade...

I have pretty much decided that I am not going to go the SACD route since I already have so many CDs and no SACDs at all. I have some LPs and I have a TT that I am happy with. Ok, my current CDP is a Pioneer transport, heavily modded by Modwright, modded way back when they were modding Pioneers, and from the Pioneer transport, I have a Cardas digital cable going to a Bel Canto DAC 1.1. I really like the DAC, so I think I will keep that. HOwever, I modded the CDP when I was starting with my system and the rest of the components weren't much. Now most everything else I have is head and shoulders above the Pioneer which makes my Pioneer source the weakest link in the chain, I think.

What is the next logical upgrade? What transport can I get that will surpass a heavily modded Pioneer CDP? Is buying another CDP and modding that the way to go? I want to go better but I don't want to break the bank.

Thanks in advance..
CEC makes a nice belt driven transport in the $1200 range that would work well with your DAC. I gave it top consideration before going in a different direction. I'm thinking of revisiting it just for varieties sake and to have another transport option.

You could also look into modded CDPs from Tube Research Labs. Email Paul Weitzel and discuss your situation with him. His modded CDPs are very reasonable and also make great transports - although you may reconsider keeping your Bel Canto after hearing one of their modded units.
I'm sure the Cardas worked with the Pioneer,but when you upgrade the transport do the same with the digital; cable.Any thoughts on going to an all-in-one unit.It appears that there is sound degradation when ever you terminate to a connector.This approach does linit yweaking to one's system,but may yield greater results in the end.
Tpsonic, buying the Cardas cable and getting the Bel Canto DAC, both used, was specifically to be used with the Pioneer as a transport. I spent $200 for the cable, $200 for the Pioneer CDP, $500 for the Bel Canto, $600 to soup up the Pioneer (including Bybee filters), and $150 to upgrade the Bel Canto from 1.0 to 1.0. Now that I see it, I spent alot on this setup; however, I didn't spend it all in one shot. It took a span of about a year to get it all together and that doesn't include the different digital cables I tried until I settled on the Cardas.

An all-in-one CDP solution would be nice to have.
so what's the budget?
???, don't know.
I have heard your Bel Canto at my local dealer...and its a pretty impressive unit...not sure exactly what changes/improvements you are looking for...sounds like you have roughly $1650 invested in your digital front end which is a tidy sum...the above mentioned idea to go to a single box seems to be a good one based on simplicity alone...however the upgrade may prove marginal after monkeying with selling your current gear,etc...tough decision...I would personally see if you could do a home demo with a high end single box unit...and based on that comparison...make a decision to see if upgrading would be beneficial...there are many who could offer suggestions on makes/ already appreciate good sound...and it may seem strange to offer a suggestion from a product i have not had the pleasure of hearing....but Meridian cdps are legendary for their cd playback...anyway...hopes this helps and sorry for rambling...happy 4th