Help with Newforce ST 200

Any ST 200 owner who can provide specs of the fuse located at the IEC seems to be rated at 3.15 A but can't figure out if it's slow or fast blow. Thanks much.
If it looks like a thin straight wire its fast. If it looks like a coiled spring, or anything other than a thin wire, its slow.
Hi hifile: My Nuforce 9SE V3 amps use 5 amp-fast blo fuses.
If in doubt, use fast. :)

If it blows after a couple of turn-ons, you got the wrong one.

Also, I find class D amps do not like being left off.
It's not a Class D amp.
So far I been unsuccessful to get an answer from Optoma, AA was not helpful neither my last resource is the audio forums and that's the reason to be bugging around here.I did took a look at the fuse is a 3.15 amp 5x20mm at this size is deceiving to judge slow or fast blow just looking at the filament (at least for me)
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Help with Newforce ST 200
These look very much to be a re-baged Job225 

Nuforce STA200:

From the 225 discussions "Job 225 - 4A Slow-Blow Small"

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jackd555 posts03-16-2020 8:29am
It’s not a Class D amp

Yeah but he thinks because it sat next to one at the factory, it can be called one.🤦‍♂️

Cheers George
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