Help with new used SOTA/Linn Basik LVX setup


I just made a major (for me) step from an old 70's beater turntable to a used SOTA Sapphire with Linn Basik LVX tonearm. The arm came with a monster alpha MC cartridge, and I'm told the stylus is in good shape.

My question: I have read that this arm is not good with MC cartridges, and I don't have a phono preamp other than what is in a low brow $500 Denon AVR receiver. Should I buy a phono preamp or a MM (higher output)cartridge?
Get the V series Musical Fidelity phono stage, about $180 if I remember and it will take moving coil. Will be quite good and miles better than the one in the Denon. I don't see why your arm and cartridge will not work together, I would try them and see.
Are you sure the arm is not compatible. I think that arm should match up well with the Alpha cartridge. Do some research on vinyl engine or hopefully someone with working experience will chime in.

You might be thinking of matching the cartridge with the stage and that would be a gain issue with your Denon. You will probably need a stepup to get the gain.

That combo should sound pretty freakin killer when you get it squared away. Let us know how you make out.

The Denon phono input isnt that bad and if you have enough output from the Monster, I would run it through that for a while until you can decide on something appreciably better. You wont hurt anything by trying. If the output isnt high enough, you just wont get sufficient volume. There is no reason why your arm wont work with the Monster.
You should get a MM cart with that arm. Tube isn't quite big enough for MC. I had one (before I got an Ittock )and for MM it is a good arm. Best of luck.
Thanks for the responses....I do have to crank up the volume to hear it and it sounds awful. It may be that a lesser mm cartridge is my short term fix with a preamp and tone arm upgrade as future upgrades.
I ordered the project tube box se....we'll see if it can make this combo come together. One can sure slide into a money pit quickly with this audio stuff.