Help with new setup Line magnetic 508 and Tekton speakers wanting to play digital.

I am building a new system for new house and have ordered a line magnetic 508 tube amp and am ordering the Tekton double impacts.I was wanting to start by playing digital and need some help. I  know I am going to need a DAC and  having been looking at the Auralic Vega and Ayre Codex but I M confused on the best way to use it? We have a lot of cds and music downloaded from I tunes which from my understanding is low quality.Is it possible to use old cds and iTunes files along with downloading high quality files moving forward I assume we would need a streamer? Music server? Any help would be appreciated  want to make sure we get the correct equipment the first time.
Thanks again
I own the Codex(actually 2, now), and recommend it highly.
I use it with a Bluesound Node so I can wirelessly play music throughout the house. I suggest looking at the Bluesound website. I think they have what you are looking for.
BTW, Bluesound has its' own DAC, which is no slouch, but running it though the Codex gives you the best of both products.