Help with new old Snell Type Js

Hi everybody. I just picked up some Snell Type J speakers, three of them actually. I'm wondering about identifying the version.

The labels say Type J. Two of the speakers have S/N 1739, 1740 and have single binging posts. The other is S/N 3089 and has double binding posts. All three are 23x13x10 inches.

They all need to have new foam surrounds for the woofers. Is there a preferred source for re-foaming kits, or do most people replace the drivers. Are they even still available?

Last question: what stands work well with these speakers?

They sound pretty good as is, I'm looking forward to seeing how good they sound once refurbished and with proper stands.

These are great, underrated speakers. One of the best economy speakers for jazz and vocal recordings IMO.

The speakers w/ single binding posts are Js. The one unit w/ dual binding posts is almost certainly a JII. The crossover is slightly different and the sound is a little brighter (less dark) than the Js, but otherwise it's pretty much the same.

Refoaming kits are almost always available on eBay.

Almost any stand will work with these speakers. They are rather heavy for their size, so I prefer mass loaded stands buy cheap stands will do in a pinch. Just raise the tweeter to nearly, but not quite, ear level. Some guys prefer tilting them back a bit, but I prefer them level.

Position close to the back wall, all the way in the corner in a small room. With my SET amp, I get best results with a lot of toe in, crossing the centerline about 1' in front of my listening position.

Br3098's info is excellent. They're great speakers, and a terrific bargain. Well worth refoaming -- and that's what you want to do; the drivers are matched pairs, and shouldn't need replacing. This website provides useful Snell info: Enjoy!
The speaker with dual binding posts are J's, I have a pair I bought in 1985. Also port on front. FYI, and the sound incredible. My were refoamed in 2001.
BTW mine also came with beautiful wooden stands and are still in wonderful condition.
Here are a few great pics of the J's identical to mine with same stands and 4 binding posts.
Thanks everybody for the feedback. I like the stands in the pics Rustydog. I think I might make a set similar to those.

I just got the re-foam kit and will get them done over the weekend. The more I look at the speakers the more I realize they are in great shape for their age. I'm looking forward to hearing how good they will sound!
Got the Snells up and running. So far they sound quite good, and I'm comparing them to my Ninkas. I would say the treble is not quite as transparent as the Linns, the bass is a little deeper but not quite as tight. I'm wondering if the speakers need to break in a little after being refoamed. Also wonder whether new tweeters would make any difference.

I'm not sure I'm ready to let the Ninkas go, but these Snells are remarkable for less than a hundred bucks!

I would try rebuilding the crossovers before replacing speaker drivers. The crossover designs on the old Snells was very good, but (like most speakers of the era) was limited by design in order to hit a manufacturing price point. Also, time is not friendly to old capacitors. Rebuild the crossovers (or get someone to do it for you) and I think that you will hear more transparency.