Help with new Dvd

Hooked according to manual, red, white, yellow. Nothing! Hooked from yellow to Y, got picture but no color? Any help would be appreciated! Btw it is all hooked through VCR, otherwise through TV no picture whatsoever! Thanks!
Sounds like a mismatch between TV input selected (component, s-video or composite) and DVD output selected. Best choice would be via a component video output from DVD, directly to component video input on TV. You may have to go into the service/set-up menus on each device to select the proper input mode. S-video would be second choice, composite video last choice.

If the TV is not DVD ready and the deck does not contain one then you may need an RF modulator (around $30 @ Radio Shack or nicer ones start @ around $65). It's a little in/out box.

Don't know much about DVD players, though needed one of these to connect an inexpensive Mintek deck to a small/older TV in the bedrrom.
I don't know which brand of VCR you have, but the Macrovision protection circuitry of the DVD player may be kicking in. Try hooking up your DVD player, as the instructions state, to your TV directly and see what happens (no VCR in the DVD/TV loop). As I understand Macrovision protection circuitry (and my understanding may be off), not all DVD players will allow VCR copies of DVD's to be made. Regards, Rich