Help with Nakamichi CD Player remote

Fellow A'goners I need help. I recently bought an older NAK CD player, an MB 1s It works and sounds great ( it's for my family room/kitchen system) anyway it came with no remote or manual. What I'm trying to find is either the model number of the remote or a remote to buy. If I can even get the model # of the remote I may be able to find something on ebay. Any help and all help is most welcome!
In the past, I've gone to Best Buy or Circuit City and looked at the aftermarket remotes. They usually have an extensive listing of what the remote will work with. You can probably do this on the websites of the remote manufacturers as well. I do know that most of the remotes were compatable with a wide range of Nakamichi products when I have checked in the past.
The best place I've found for information on remotes and codes is

I did a quick look and information for the Sony RM-VL900 universal remote says it is preprogrammed with information for Nakamichi cassette decks. I've got a Sony RM-VL700 that is a great, inexpensive universal remote so I suspect the 900 would be similar.
Here ya go:

1-800-remotes or

They generally have remotes for anything as long as you can give the correct model number of the product or of the remote.