Help with my sunfire subwoofer wiring

A case of beer to whoever can help me. First I love music but alas Im a CPA and when it comes outside of the realm of ciphering, Im in trouble. Ok enough of the small talk. My set up is a Sunfire amp, Sunfire tube preamp and Sunfire true subwoofer. I was told to connect the subwoofer between the amp and preamp. Thats a total of 4 rca connections. However, a couple of folks tole me I only need to connect the subwoofer to the preamp. Also because all of these inputs are rca, I cant hook the amp to the preamp with the 3 pin interconnect. Fianlly, I want to move away from the bare wire speaker termination, but I was told I cannot use spade terminations with the Sunfire amp because of the plastic lining on the amp lugnut. Sorry, if I used any improper terminology here. I would GREATLY appreciate any advice. Thank you, Andy.
Andy , you should have TWO set of RCA`S { pre-amp outputs} on the back of the SUNFIRE , you can connect one to the amp and the other you send to the sub , thats one way , the other is you send { from pre-amp output} a pair of rca`s to the inputs of the sub, then you send a pair from the out puts of the sub to the inputs of the sunfire amp, that way you will be using the built in crossover to keep the bass out of your speakers that are connected to the sunfire amp. The first way I told you to connect the sub does not use the crossover in the sub , the speakers will run fullrange and the sub will come in at whatever setting you use Greg
I own the Sunfire sub. I agree with ALL the reviews, which conclude that the sub's crossover isn't transparent enough to use with your main speakers (besides the fact that the sub itself gets boomy above 40 or 50 Hz). I've had no trouble setting mine up in an "augmented" arrangement in 4 different rooms. It's only a matter of correct placement of your main speakers AND sub, and also using the controls to get the sub dialed in. It's frustrating because the sub adjustments can't be done with a remote, but other than that, IT'S FUN.
Yeah, what gives? Anyhoo, you could just let me borrow your Runco projector for a year or two, and we'll call it even...if you have one. Or we could discuss wife swapping (yours, for my lack of one)...OK, please don't arrest me, Mr. Thought Police officer! I'm sorry for letting that one slip...had to do it, just haaad to...And please do move away from bare wire termination. That's a bad neighborhood, too many guys buying their speaker wire from hardware salesmen in that part of town. Causes fits of celia splitting, or some such. Move over into the audio dogma part of town, where there's no limit to what we can hear, but perhaps there should be.