Help with my Oritek Stereo 70

I suspect I have one of the great amps here, and I want to get the best out of it. It is a modified Dynaco Stereo 70. Ori disabled the ultralinear feature, and it is a single-ended triode of 18 watts per side-with no feedback. Current areas of interest include speakers, speaker wire, isolation, tube anchors, and, in the future, maybe tubes. I have little experience with tubes, even though I've used them in the past. My current system is Linn lp12, Ekos 1, nude Arkiv, Mana Reference table, Mapleshade-isolated Lingo 1, Linto phono amp, Oritek pre/dac, and Valab solid-silver interconnects between preamp and amp. Unused, so far, are Sota Time Domain 4's(they look like Watt/Puppies, and are on 4-inch Mapleshade amp stands.)and, hopefully Signal Cable Silver Resolution speaker cables. I have a very good, but not used right now, cd setup. If speaker cables are suggested, I am interested in cheap ones.
I have heard a lot of good things regarding the Dynaco 70. Now it sounds like it may be on a completely different level than stock. I know the Valab solid silver ic's are excellent for the money as well as there speaker cables but I am going to tell you right now that the Morrow SP4 speaker cable is something you should try. Or at least start with the SP1 and move up. 60 day trial and a trade up program. The ic's are excellent too. Tyler Acoustics speakers is another one to look at. You get a very big sound for your money with these. Great guy to work with too.
Thanks Jp1208. I looked further into the Morrow, and I will be looking into their speaker wire at a future date. I orginally used Ori's Stereo 70 with his modified Genesis 2+(I think)speakers. I then tried his modified TAD 803(?)speakers. No go! I realized I have a synergistic combo here, and it's not easy to beat it(Ori has heard it, also.). So I have to be very careful. I slightly improved the bass, and I'm looking into speaker stands. I haven't tried my Signal Cable Silver Resolution speaker cable(my daughter has it.)yet. Currently, I use Dayton 14 gauge from Parts Express as speaker wire. I value your recommendations, as the Lessloss power cords transformed my system, and the Valab solid-silver interconnect was an eye opener. Every lp now sounds totally unique, and I'm having fun discovering old(pre 1982)overlooked lp's.
Vintage Audio Labs has some great deals for sure. Morrow wire gives a bigger more open presentaion without losing the dynamic slam. Find a deal on the SP4 or higher speaker cable if you can. It would be a huge diff over the SC silver. More so than the Lessloss. I had SC silver for a while and went to anti-cable for the better then AQ Mont Blanc and Valab speaker cable. Morrow is a different league. Smaller guage solid core in multiple runs work very well.