I thought I knew enough that setting up the Oppo 205 I just purchased would be a breeze. Anything but for me!!
I will be using the Oppo for SACD's cd's, Dish network and movies. I am using the 7.1 inputs so i can take advantage of the DAC's in the Oppo. I am trying to mate it with my Marantz AV8802A and it will not pass video thru the Marantz via the HDMI Main Out. If I go from the Oppo directly to my TV it works fine. But I can seem to integrate it in the Marantz. Ive contacted Oppo and they have contacted me but still no answers. By the way their customer service in response time has been great. I'd like to use my Marantz as I did prior to the OPPO, for switching sources. The picture and sound quality is superb. thanks in advance
i also posted this on another forum within Audiogon.
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Hi don_1,

     Congrats on the new Oppo 205.   I have the 105 and know Oppo's customer service and support are very good.
     I'm just a bit confused, why you want to pass video to the Marantz?

I thought I could pass the video through the Marantz so I can still use it for switching sources and how TV is displayed. Didn't think the Marantz would degrade the signal? I had wanted to use them oppo video not just for movies but to upgrade the pic quality of my Sat. picture.  the oppo should recognize the HDMI on the Marantz to pass the signal but it is not" hand shaking" with the signal. Audio is done thru the 7.1 so oppo DACs are used. If I run the video directly to the TV I defeat the purpose of the Marantz's abilities. Does that make sense? 
I also have a projector so The Marantz passes the signal to mytv or projector. how doI get a signal to both sources with the OPPO? unless I use an HDMI  splitter to go from the OPPo to the splitter and then to the TV and projector. Really didn't want to do that. 
Hi Don,

     Sorry, I don't have specific answers for your questions. 
     However, I know there are forums specifically focused on the Oppo 205 both at AVS and Home Theater Forum that you might want to read.  Here's a link to a Home Theater Forum forum from a poster that is asking about connecting an Oppo 205 with a Marantz AV8802A for both audio and video:

Hope you can find some answers there,

Uh, one silly question… is the Marantz also 2K & 4K video capable via HDMI as is the Oppo?
If not, then right there might be the reason.

To check, try a DVD. Then a std BR. Then a 4K BR. This should provide more clarity as to who or what is the issue.

Which HDMI output to the Marantz is being used? The main or secondary?

If all else is well, IMO, Sounds like a handshake issue.

If so, power both the Oppo and marantz down. Unplug the HDMI cable feeding the Mary. Power the mary up. Power it off again. Plug in the HDMI cable from the oppo. Power up the oppo. Power up the Mary. Select the appropriate HDMI input on the Mary being fed by the oppo. Spin up a disc. it should work now.

Unless Oppo changed things, previous Oppo’s outputs have all been hot. So signals into the mary should be available.

One last note could be that as you are sending audio via one set of inputs and video thru another, if I read the note right, you might need to change a setting on the Mary, telling it what’s what and or where to look for it.. .

Good luck.

The above is assuming you have double checked the settings on the Marantz as well and told it video is coming in on one interface,an d audio on another. And that you have set the appropriate resolution and image size on the Marantz and Oppo as required.

The Marantz default could be set up differently if multi ch analog audio inputs are used in combination with video. It could be too, you’ll need to ‘sync’ the two inputs up later via the Oppo’s setting which provide for just such a situation. My old ONkyo Rec does this. I suspect your Marantz does too.

thank you guys for taking the time to help. It is much appreciated. I believe I got things working as they should. It was an HDMI hand shake issue in addition to setting the correct audio choices and inputs on the Oppo and the Marantz. Then I managed to get  my Harmony 950 set up for Macros. I tell ya I probably spent 8 hours getting this set up. 
Have the Oppo  Main out to the Marantz DVD input. The Monitor outs of the Marantz are going to the TV and Projector( which is the way it has been before the oppo was introduced). the a7.1 analog outputs from the Oppo to the Marantz 7.1 inputs and the stereo outputs of the Oppo to an analog (CD ) input on the Marantz. Seems redundant to have the 7.1 and 2 channel analog inputs for the Marantz. The 7.1 down mixes to 2 channel when a stereo CD or SACD is played. Or I'm I not correctly using the stereo outputs on the Oppo? My last question I swear!