Help with my Loricraft machine

Just set up my new machine and the arm does not move!!- The pump works the table spins but the arm does not move
( all 3 motor buttons are on and I hear the vacuum)- I left a record on for 5 minutes and nothing- what am I doing wrong??- thanks gary
Tracking force set incorrectly? If need be, set it to near zero. Best of luck using your wonderful new acquisition!
Does it have Lucas electronics ?
You are starting with the head at the edge of the label, yes? Have you tried giving it a tiny nudge?

hey brian- thanks for the response- I set the tracking t zero- still nothing- everything works except the arm?????????????????????????????????????????????- gary
The arm should move slowly counter-clockwise when the arm switch is on, whether the platter and vacuum are switched on or not.

Try manually swivelling the arm back and forth through its entire arc a few times. This might engage the mechanism somehow. You should feel a slightly "rubbery" resistance from the slip clutch. If the arm swings as freely as a real tonearm then the clutch is broken or misadjusted.

If that doesn't do it I'd contact Smart Developments. Norm is a regular guy and stands behind his products.

Stick with it. The Loricraft is every bit as good as you've read. I couldn't imagine doing vinyl without mine.
hey - thanks for the help-BUT still does not work-!!! Question -Are you supposed to hear a noise from the arm motor? I hear nothing, the arm just sits there- I will call Smart on Mon. but would like to use it today- any other ideas- thanks,gary
Mine makes a slight but audible hum + clicking noise when the arm motor's engaged. It's not at all loud. I might not hear it if the vacuum pump were running. If you hear nothing with just the arm switch on then I suspect a dead or mis-connected arm motor.