HELP with my Audio Aero Capitole Mk II

Does anyone know the pin assignment for the XLR outputs from the preamp section? I want to use this with a power amp that has the positive on pin # 2 and the negative on pin # 3. I want to make sure the two units are compatible. I thought it better to ask for help than to smoke my CD player or amp.

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If you haven't already been contacted by the other 10 Audio Aero dealers on Audiogon, please feel free to email us and we'll find out what those pin mappings are for you.

- Mike (Audio Federation)
hello correspondence with Jean-Paul Combelles manager of Audio Aero revealed the Capitol Mark 2 XLR pin configuration assignment is as follows:
XLR pins assignment on Capitole CDP is as follows :
1 Gnd
2 Hot
3 Cold
Just for general information: in response to MeJames' request, we also found out that these pin assignments are the I.E.C. 268 standard pin assignments for XLR - which is used by 99% of the components out there. We also used a voltmeter on the XLR outputs of the Audio Aero Capitole mk II itself to verify this is indeed the case. It is.

In conclusion, the Audio Aero Capitole Mk II should be able to be directly connected to the 99% of all amps (and probably 99.9% of all high-end amps) out there that follow the IEC standard, using ordinary XLR cables.

-Mike (Audio Federation)