Help with multi post capacitor.

Hi, I just received my order to ra-cap a JVC S-31. I've recapped other amps but never run into this issue. Upon checking my order I noticed that this particular capacitor, a Nippon-Chemicon 80V 12000uF (EKMH800VRT123MB63T) has 5 posts, one of which is marked negative. My question is are the other 4 posts equivalent (as +) and does this configuration function the same as a 2 post capacitor? Thanks!
T in VRT stands for 3 dummy terminals, used for support only.
VQT and VRT appear to be the same other then size of pins, so look in attached link for the drawing of VQT layout.  Pins marked with asterisk are dummy (A,B,D).  They not supposed to be connected to anything.

Awesome that's incredibly helpful. Thank you for pointing that out.