Help with MIT Z Stabilizer prototype....

I have just obtained a "pre-production prototype" of the original MIT Z-Stabilizer. I'm very happy with it! It has an excellent effect on my Spectral DMC20 and DMA 180--better than the original Z Stabilizer. I'm hoping somebody knows what in this prototype---or can help me analyze what's inside it.I will open it up if someone can interpret what I find. (It's quite amazing the improvement in nuance, dynamics and emotion it provides..)
Some Info:
Hi Daniel. The link did not work.
Just highlight the link, and open it...
Hi Dan. Thanks. That older link did not help. Hope someone into tech side of things will join in. Do you use a Stabilizer?

I had one of these, for several years.
You should still contact Joe Abrams.
He's very well versed in all things MIT.
Thanks Dan. Which Stabilizer did you have? How did you use it?
Did you try it with whatever new conditioning unit you "upgraded" to? You can see Joe's answer in the old thread-not helpful.
I had the original Z Stabilizer that was a big box with no outlets. You just plugged it in to the same outlet as your other gear.
I believe it was packed with capacitors...
It did improve the sound, IMHO.
Thanks Daniel, I will contact Joe. Do you still have your old Z Stabilizer?