Help With Mission 774LC Please

Hi all,

I bought a second-hand Mission 774LC about a month ago. The bearings seem excellent, but one thing I noticed was that it struggled to pass the 3rd anti-skating track on the Hifi News test record and needed a very high anti-skating setting (>2.75) to pass track 3 satisfactorily.

I've just noticed that the top of the tonearm at the mount (the bit that says Mission on it) isn't level, although the parts below, where the tonearm is attached to the armboard, and the platform where the VTA is adjusted are level.

Hard to explain without a photo, but I don't know if I can attach one. Can the two screws on the side of yoke (?) be used to adjust this or is there nothing I can do?
The cartridge VTF is set at 1.8 grams. Turntable is a Technics SL1200 Mk 2

Many thanks
I use to have this arm but it was close to 30 years ago. I would try 2 grams, that is what I use on my Denon 304 and AT 33 EV. I don't use anti skate as a rule but I wouldn't worry too much if it tracks music passages. I have at least 6 test LPs and haven't used one in years, probably a bad thing. Some arms are not correctly calibrated, I have a Grace 707, which HIFI Choice found gave twice the side force indicated. If the arm is level while playing to record I wouldn't think the other is important. It is possible that the stylus is not perfectly aligned on the cantilever, this happens oftener than you might think. You might try VERY small changes in the arm orientation if possible, I think it is but has been a long time.
Thanks for the response. I managed to get a similar arm off a Revolver turntable. This one is perfectly level so the Mission has been retired. I may fit it to another TT if I ever get one.

Best wishes