Help with Mirage M7si Upgrade

I'm currently on an upgrade path, having upgraded to:
- Marantz SA-14 Ver 2,
- Audience AU24 interconnects and speaker cables
- Audience PowerChord and TG Audio 688 power cables

Planning to upgrade to a Supratek preamp within 6 months and a yet-to-be-decided power amp within a year.

I've got a pair of Mirage M7si that I hope to improve the sound and enjoy for another year or two. I am thinking of upgrading the internal wiring and crossover. Can't afford to upgrade to another speaker at the moment because (1) need time to save more after above upgrades and (2) don't want my wife to give me more hell (anyone has this same experience?). Any recommendations for (1) Mirage upgrade and (2) new power amp and future speaker would be much appreciated.

My question is whether it's worthwhile to change the internal wiring and cap in the Mirage speaker or just wait out to make the change later?
If change, any recommendations what change will make the most impact?

Thanks, Edmund