Help with Michell Techo Weight


I purchased a used Nottingham Horizon with OEM Rega arm recently that came with a Michell Techo Weight. I'm having some problems getting it set up correctly. I'm using the heavier of the two weights, and have the counterweight extended all the way in, but still can't get the cartridge tracking force to the required 2g (using Clearaudio Classics cartridge). I obviously must be doing something wrong, but can't figure it out from the instruction sheet (no pictures).

If any of you have used a Michell Techno Weight and might know what I am doing wrong, your help would be greatly appreciated.

So I guess it is tracking too light? If so, use the small weight.
Thanks. I guess I ought to try that, but the instructions say the opposite, to use the heavier weight with heavier cartridges like the Clearaudio.

If you have a fat guy at one end of a teeter totter and you cannot get your feet back onto the ground, you need a lighter weighing partner. The same hold true for a tonearm's counter weight
When I was a kid, my dad taped quarters on top of the headshell to balance the tonearm. Why do I think I'm not helping?
Thanks to all. I understand the general principle re: using the lighter weight, but my concern was my cartridge should be well within the range for the heavier weight according to Michell's instructions, and that I might have installed it wrong. I guess its hard to tell from my short description and no pictures, but I was looking for imput from other Tecnoweight owners as to a setup/installation issue that might have caused this.

I assume that you are using the wood bodied classic which weighs 6g. One counterweight matches cartridges of 3 to 6g mass, the other is for cartridges of 7 to 13g. Your cartridge is right at the cross over point; therefore, it sounds like you will need to try the lighter counterweight.