Help with Martin Logan Ascent cables

Recently acquired Martin Logan Ascents powered by Vac 100 with Audible Illusions Mod3 and Carey cd with Aural symphonic power cord. Have Discovery speaker cabels 10ft with Discovery signature interconnects and Aural Symphonics as-one interconnect off the Carey.This system is not completely broken in yet but I feel I lacking mid-range warmth! Things sound balanced very detailed yet a little thin and well not emotional! Some suggestions at any price that doesn't get insane would help.

Thanks, David going insane in L.A.
Try the alpha - core copper tourmaline in the 9 gauge version. I have a pair of ML Odysseys and they helped to bring the mids to a more natural sense. I used audio magic and kimber before.
Don't make any changes until the ML Ascents are fully broke-in. The bass driver takes over 50 hours of high level playback before it settles in. I use Discovery Essence and +4 interconnects/cables with the ML Odysseys and the combo works quite well. Once the speakers breaks-in, you may have to play around with speaker positioning.
Don't be so quick to run out and spend money on cables. I really think your problem is speaker placement. The Ascents are great speakers but placement is tricky. Play with the speakers before you spend your hard earned cash. Good luck.
Hello David,

I have a pair of Request. The sound is very dependent on where you place them and what kind of stuff you have around them. If you have a lot of sound absorbing things like curtains (I have lots), carpeting and fabric furniture, you can have this effect. Thats what happend to me in my house. To make things worst, my amp was on the soft side. I changed my amp and I moved the speakers a few feet from the back walls. This made a HUGE difference. They became alive. More soundstage and separation. I was just about to get rid of them but after some tweaking I will never part with them because of the sweet liquid mids and highs. I was told that your speakers are even better than my requests in that department. Don't give up. Jel