help with marantz 2325 phono section

Hi all,

I have a marantz 2325 that has been restored and upgraded but has the original phono section.
I just bought a Thorens TD-160s/TD 16 arm and was going to use a Lyra Dorian cartridge but was told there may not be enough output generated.

Can you please suggest some ways to go on this?

Other MC carts that will work on they're own,dedicated phono, step-ups?
I have a budget of $1500.00...

Thanks to all

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There are low and high output MC cartridges.I don't know if the 2325 has a MC input.It may have a MM input like my smaller Marantz did.Somebody here will probably give you better advise.If you need to go outboard,this place has some good ones.Link>>[]
I forgot to say, if you start using an outboard phono stage,check to make sure of its outputs.It most likely will need to plug in to unused auxiliary inputs.Also that it will work with MC/MM cartridges.Some are only made for MM,for use with gear that never had a phono input.