Help with M/L Aerius wires

Help, guys....I just picked up a perfect pair of used Martin Logan Aerius i's on ebay. Got them home and the banana connections from my Straight Wire Rhapsody's (Bi-wire config) are a little loose and dont hold properly when I move them forward and back to get to the right spots when listening in 2 channel or Home Theatre mode. I have decided they should have spades. They are hooked to 200 WPC X 5 Acurus Amp.

OK...the question: Are these cables OK for this set up?? Would you recommend different cables (and if so, which ones?) in this system or just take them to a dealer to get spades installed?
Have either spades or locking bananas installed - these cables should do fine. Even better just strip them and use the bare wire connection route. Check the forum on bare wire connection for more advice on this.
You might want to go to the Innersound web site and/or give Roger at Innersound a call. He has some great speaker cables disigned for electrostats.